Why should I consider bath or kitchen refinishing rather than replacement?

The two key benefits of choosing refinishing over replacement are obvious: cost and convenience. Normal costs for replacing a bathtub range from $1,500 to $3,000, and typically take one and half to two weeks to complete. Replacement of countertops is even more expensive. Refinishing will save you up to 70% of replacement cost and can usually be completed in just one day. Furthermore, replacement involves the messy and time-consuming tearing out of the old fixtures as well as steep labor costs. With refinishing, you avoid installation hassles and labor costs, resulting in less disruption to your schedule.

I am interested in refinishing. What is the process?

The MDL refinishing process involves an innovative, specialized coating technique, however the key step in the process centers around surface preparation. Regardless of how well the coating is applied, if the surface is not thoroughly cleaned and prepared there will be adhesion issues and over time the the new coating will begin to crack and peel. After applying two primer coats, three tops coats of the color of your choosing are applied. Standard colors include China White, Kohler White, Biscuit and Almond, however we can match any custom color with a supplied paint swatch or color code.

What bathroom and kitchen fixtures as well as surfaces can be refinished?

The EP-Acrylic Refinishing System is highly effective on the following surfaces: Tubs/Surrounds, Shower Enclosures (all types), Shower Pans, Ceramic Tile, Sinks (including good old-fashioned farmer sinks), Countertops (Formica®, cultured marble and Corian®).

What is EP-Acrylic?

EP-Acrylic is a high performance acrylic polymer coating specifically designed for refinishing porcelain, ceramic, fiberglass, Formica and other surfaces. It creates a high-gloss, long lasting, durable finish. EP-Acrylic has been on the market for over ten years, and is the coating of choice for more than 250 refinishers. It is also completely Isocyanate free (chemicals that are know to cause pulmonary disease and cancer) and safer for the environment.


Isocyanates is a group of chemicals that are known to cause various pulmanary disease and cancer.

How are these EP-ACRYLIC Coatings applied?

The coatings are applied in two parts: base and catalyst. They are best applied with high velocity low pressure (HVLP) spray equipment. These coatings do not produce the best results when either “rolled” or “sprayed” on through conventional spray equipment.

Will my bath or kitchen fixtures look painted?

Absolutely not! In fact, you will be hard pressed to tell the difference between a new bathtub and a refinished one. Refinishing will make your old, chipped, stained or color-dated fixture look like new again.

How long will refinishing take?

One of the key benefits to refinishing is that it can typically be completed in less than one day. Bathtubs are fully cured and can be used within 6 hours if a slip resistant surface is applied. If you chose not to apply the slip resistant surface, the tub will be fully cured in 4 hours.

Is there anything we need to do prior to MDL arriving to begin work?

Remove all items from the area that is going to be refinished.

How do I clean and maintain my refinished fixture?

There are many cleaners for consumers to choose from and many people have a favorite, however when choosing a cleaner it is extremely important to ensure it is non-citrus based and does not contain bleach or abrasives. Lysol All Purpose cleaner is a good example of a disinfecting cleaner that is non-abrasive and will safely keep your fixture clean without dulling the gloss.

What if my bathtub or countertop is damaged?

MDL can repair small chips, cracks and burn marks during the cleaning and preparation stage of refinishing. An MDL technician will inform you if the damages cannot be repaired prior to refinishing your fixture.

How long will refinishing last?

With proper care and maintenance, your bathroom or kitchen fixture that has been refinished with EP-Acrylic should easily last between 10 and 20 years.

Will MDL replace my plumbing fixtures?

MDL craftsmen are not licensed plumbers. We do not change any plumbing fixtures. Any leaks or broken plumbing fixtures must be repaired prior to the refinishing process.

Should refinishing be done before or after painting and installing flooring and fixtures?

We always recommend that you install flooring, new sinks and vanities prior to the refinishing process. New toilets should also be installed prior, unless we are refinishing the tiles behind it. Any ceiling painting or installations of fans should also be completed prior to refinishing. It is strongly recommended that walls be painted as your last step, after refinishing.

What repair services does MDL perform?

MDL will repair chips, cracks, burns, stains, worn out areas and holes.

My tub was previously refinished and the finish is peeling. Can this be fixed?

Yes, MDL will strip off the previous coating and refinish it like new.

Does MDL provide a warranty?

Yes, all refinish work completed by MDL for homeowners, including tubs, ceramic tile, fiberglass fixtures, countertops and vanities comes with a five year warranty against peeling or other failure of the adhesion of the refinish coating. For commercial properties, we provide a year warranty against peeling or other failure of the adhesion of the coating.

What type of payment does MDL accept?

MDL accepts checks, cash and credit cards, including Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover and Diners Club International.

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